CKD FOODS, is a Instant Food Mix Company, Founded in 2005 by Mr. Chandrasekar and Mrs. Krishnaveni Chandrasekar. In this fast paced era, Instant Drinks, Brevarages and Food Mix became common. Mr. Chandrasekar and Mrs. Krishnaveni Chandrasekar not born as a Enterpreneur. Initially they worked for regular wages. But their “Heart” says do something different and best. At that time they got a sparkling Idea of Instant Drink Mix. Where they wanted to provide natural mixes without preservatives. Mrs. Krishnaveni kitchen is where this idea emerged. She fills her kitchen full of homemade instant health drink powder which can be used as a medicine at some point. As for her, the health of family matters above all.

      Chosen the Idea was easy but the Path was not easy. At first, he met some downfalls were learned and mastered the business strategies.”Failure is the Raw Material from which Success is made”. “Badham Mix” is the very first product which was Manufactured and Sold by this couple. Primary motive of a successful business and financial stability was changed into finding a healthy food products without artificial coloring and preservatives and deliver it to every door steps. The products are manufactured with Ancient Tamil Recipes which take hours to grind were simply made to sit out in our hands and it turns out our kitchen feels more natural. 

This is Devadharshini Chandrasekar, an MBA (IB) graduate. Currently I am supporting my parents business (CKD FOODS). My dream is to become an entrepreneur and take over my family business. Taking my family business into an online business is my first step.

Mr. Chandrasekar

Managing Director

Mrs. Krishnaveni Chandrasekar

Manufacturing Manager

Mrs. Devadharshini Vimalnathan

Chief Marketing Officer